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  • starThe opportunity to spend bonuses as the resort discounts
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  • starTable games with professional dealers
  • starPromotions for the club members
  • starNo dress code and a relaxed atmosphere
  • starEasy deposit and withdrawal

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Mindil Beach Casino Australia

  • More than 500 game machines
  • Friday prize draw
  • Located in the 5-star resort

Only in 2023, gamblers at the Mindil Beach Casino resort won a total of $6,366,565.34 jackpot! It is a casino, located on the territory of the 5-star resort, Darwin. There, you can enjoy the full relaxation, plan your dream vacation or a date, and gamble in the fancy atmosphere in your free time.

Let's dive into the Mindil Beach Casino review and discover what it can offer to new players.

Mindil Beach Casino Desktop


To start playing at the casino, you have to make an initial deposit. To do this, go to the reception at the entrance. You will need:

  • Your identity document – ID card or driver’s license
  • cash or debit card – Visa or Mastercard

Any other payment methods will be declined. The thing is, the casino must make sure you utilize your own money. That is why credit cards, e-wallets, or crypto won’t be accepted. These methods are confidential and cannot be tracked as easily as debit cards. Also, you have to be of age.

There are no limitations, neither minimum nor maximum. You can deposit even $1 since some slot machines operate with a minimum limitation of 1 cent. It is a good way to try casinos for the first time – you don’t have to invest too much.


Withdrawal can also be made on the debit card that was used for the deposit. You don’t need any special procedures – just require the withdrawal after you win. Take note that in Australia, you are only allowed to withdraw $1,000 from any account daily. The same rules work for Mindil Beach Casino.

Payment Methods

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Until 2018, the casino was called Skycity Casino and had another owner. So, the old license doesn’t work anymore. Now, when the casino is part of the Mindil Beach Resort, the casino has an Australian Business Number – 54 009 624 417. You can check it out online and make sure the place is fully legal.

Mindil Beach Casino License


The casino Mindil Beach has more than 600 slot machines with different games and genres. The casino doesn’t name the providers officially, but the main software, used on the most machines, is the Aristocrat provider. It is a famous software for virtual slots.


The place is fully legal, which makes it a safe place for relaxing and gambling. The rules for gambling institutions in Australia are extremely strict!

First, Mindil Beach Casino Resort offers responsible gambling support contacts. They have a specific host who can be contacted at +61 8 8943 8767. Also, the casino is safe and secure, with a security team at the entrance and on the territory. As for transactions, the casino uses secure payment gateways and encryption technologies to ensure the safety of all transactions

Software Providers


The casino itself doesn’t have a Mindil Beach casino online app. Moreover, you cannot play it online – only offline games are available. However, guests can download the overall Mindil Beach casino mobile. Here, you can use several functions:

  • book hotel rooms
  • book restaurants
  • track your discounts and coupons
  • see the casino’s schedule and events.

It is a rather informative application. Use it to keep in touch with the resort.

Mindil Beach Casino Mobile


With the professional staff, the company offers dealers and administrators who speak several languages, including Chinese, German, and others. However, the casino itself operates in English, and this is the preferred language here. All games are also held in English, so be prepared.


As with any other gambling resort in Australia, the casino only accepts Australian dollars. If you don’t have them, visit the exchange in advance. They are available on the resort territory. Also, if paying by card, you can turn on the currency conversion to A$.



Can I activate Mindil Beach casino no deposit bonus?


What are the limitations of deposits and withdrawals?


Is there an app to book the casino?


Why did the casino change its name?


Are there promotions in the casino?


The Mindil Beach Casino Resort can be contacted through phone numbers or offline. Use the following methods:

  • the phone number for general issues: +61 8 8943 8777
  • the phone number for hotels and restaurants: +61 8 8943 8881
  • Contact form: visit the official website and fill in the form. Use your email and describe the question. You will receive an email with the answer.

The casino’s support team is also available on the territory of the casino within the opening hours.

Mindil Beach Casino Support

Mindil Beach Casino Offline Games to Try

Mindil Beach casino games suit everybody’s preferences. They vary from virtual games to table games with professional dealers. You can invite friends, rival with other members, or just enjoy the online slot on your own. The choice is yours!

Mindil Beach Casino Slots

Mindil Beach Casino Resort offers more than 600 gaming machines with a minimum deposit ranging from 1 cent to $1. The gaming machines work based on the randomizers, so all winnings are completely fair. So what are you waiting for? Experience the latest gaming machines to hit Mindil Beach Casino Resort! And don’t forget to check back here because new gaming machine products will be launched frequently. There are:

  • DgadonLink
  • Dynamite Dollar
  • Lightning
  • Fort KnoXs

With such a choice, you definitely have a large selection to try. Moreover, by trying games with low deposit limits, you won’t spend too much while learning to play and experiencing the gameplay.

Gaming for VIPs

If you prefer privacy and an amazing experience, try VIP gaming. Mindil Beach Casino Resort offers VIP gaming areas for both table games and electronic gaming. The Lucky North Club program provides an exclusive VIP gaming experience in the Top End. The VIP gaming areas include two exclusive gaming areas for VIP gaming machine players and a luxurious, private table games area called the Arafura Room. The private gaming rooms offer beautiful views, great promotions, and friendly, professional service. You also have a beautiful view and a more comfortable location. Finally, you won’t be distracted by noise and can only enjoy gaming.

NT Keno

This game is considered one of the most popular casino genres in Australia. It is an easy numbers game similar to the lottery, except NT Keno plays every three minutes. You can play for just $1 and have the chance to win different prizes, including the 10-Spot, where you can win over $1 Million. The object of the game of NT Keno is to select up to 40 numbers, from 1 to 80, and match all or a part of your numbers against the 20 numbers randomly drawn for each game.

Of course, the game is available in the Mindil Beach Casino. Moreover, each week, there is a keno prize draw – register in the Lucky North Club to take part in it.

Classic Table Games

Finally, table games are the oldest genre in the casino history. If you visit an offline casino, trying them is a must.

  1. Baccarat: An easy game played between two hands - the "player" and the "banker". The objective is to predict which hand will have a higher score.
  2. Blackjack: A classic game played between two parties - the "house" and the "player". The objective is to get your cards to equal or come as close to 21 as possible, without going over.
  3. Chase the Flush: A new card game where two players - the "hand" and the "dealer" compete head-to-head, with the aim of making the longest possible 7-card flush.
  4. Roulette: A game of chance where you place bets on where a ball will land on a spinning wheel.
  5. Texas Hold'em Poker: A popular variant of the game of Poker, where each player is dealt 2 cards and then uses 5 community cards to make the best possible hand.
  6. Texas Hold'em Bonus: Based on traditional Texas Hold'em Poker, this game differs in that each player is competing individually with the dealer.
  7. Mississippi Stud Poker: A five-card poker game, where the players compete against the table, rather than the dealer.
  8. Money Wheel: A fun, simple, and fast game where you bet on a symbol, and if the wheel lands on your chosen symbol, you win.
  9. Casino War: A game played between two hands - the "player" and the "dealer". Each hand is dealt a card and the card with the highest value wins.

Start at easy titles like baccarat or wheel, and then you can practice to win at poker or blackjack! The choice is up to you – some people prefer difficult games, while others come to casinos to have fun and fully relax. Also, if you don’t know the rules, learn them right at Mindil Beach’s website. The platform offers a detailed explanation of each genre.

Mindil Beach Casino Bonus

Mindil Beach Casino Darwin offers promotions for its club members. However, registering is easy, and you can enjoy all the bonuses by just providing your identity document and making the first deposit

Are There Mindil Beach casino no deposit bonuses?

To enter the casino and take part in the promotions, you must make the initial deposit. The minimum limit is not capped, so it can be any sum – the thing is, the casino wants to prove your identity and clear intentions. You can win a huge prize by just funding 1 dollar or less. It is a measure of protection for other players, and it prevents fraud on the territory.

Generation Hot Seats

Mindil Beach Casino is offering a promotion called “My Generation Hot Seats” every Monday and Tuesday from 1 pm to 3 pm. During this time, you have the chance to win one of forty $25 Free Play prizes. That’s a total prize pool of $1,000 every Monday and Tuesday!

To participate, simply play a gaming machine using your Lucky North Club card. This promotion is exclusively for Lucky North Club members over 50 years old. And please remember to gamble responsibly.

Keno Promotion

Keno is a modern version of a lotto game, famous among gamblers. NT Keno at the Mindil Beach Resort casino offers a promotion called “Keno 20/20” every Wednesday and Saturday. If you spend $20 or more on a single Keno ticket, you can redeem $20 Free Play from the Lucky North Club.

Swap Bonus

Mindil Beach Casino Resort is offering a promotion called “The Big Swap” where you have the option to take the prize or swap it for cash. It is a unique opportunity – most casinos only transfer your winnings to the bonus account. In this case, you can only use them to make further stakes.

Over $7,000 worth of prizes are guaranteed to be won each month! Each minor draw winner will have the option to take the prize or swap for cash. The final draw winner on the night will take home all remaining prizes. Draws kick off from 7 pm. To participate, you need to earn tickets by playing games at the casino. Every 50 points earned equals one virtual entry ticket. This promotion is exclusively for Lucky North Club members.

Jackpot Draw for the Club Members

There is also a regular Members Jackpot Draws promo every Friday night. The promotion starts at 7 pm and ends at 8:30 pm. During this time, the casino gives away a guaranteed $1,000 in Free Play or Promo Chips.

Additionally, there is a Major Jackpot Draw at 9 pm, starting at $1,000 CASH, which increases by $1,000 each week until it hits $5,000. Once it hits $5,000, a Hot Seat draw will be conducted to find the winner. To participate in the promotion, you can earn tickets by playing games at the casino. Every 250 points earned equals one virtual entry ticket.

Game, Set, Match Bonus

“Game, Set, Match” is offered to all club members of the Darwin Mindil Beach casino, present at the event. Here are the details:

  • Half-hourly Hot Seat Draws: Join the casino from 2 pm to 6.30 pm every day for a chance to spin the wheel and win a great prize! Prizes include dinner for 2 in one of the resort restaurants, free play, promotional chips, cash, and more prizes.
  • Members Virtual Draw: Earn 20 gaming points on the day using your Lucky North Club membership card, and come to the casino at 7 pm. Redeem your virtual entries from a kiosk to participate in the draw. You could be in to win $2,000 in cold hard cash.

The winner is chosen absolutely randomly. You can only earn as many points as possible to increase the chances.


First of all, it is a casual casino with a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Unlike many other places in Australia, this one doesn’t require luxurious suits and styles – you can wear what you want and have fun.

The game selection is also amazing, with 600 slot machines and regular table games. To try even more, you can register as a club member and participate in events and promotions.

The policy of the casino is to provide at least one vent within the week. So, no matter when you come, there is something interesting this week. Mindil Beach casino reviews describe this place as a perfect destination for Birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions – it is fancy, yet relaxing.


  • The opportunity to spend bonuses as the resort discounts
  • The large number of slots
  • Table games with professional dealers
  • Promotions for the club members
  • No dress code and a relaxed atmosphere
  • Easy deposit and withdrawal


  • Deposits are available only via debit cards and cash
  • Only Australian dollars are accepted